Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to care for betta fry

For many people breeding Betta, besides his own for one pair (or one line) like the are breeding them it is what it is. But most of all have a problem when fish spawn ... that is after the eggs hatch, the fish disappear or grow up to be ugly fish, not value of the rear left ... '

Well!!! There are a lot of books, documents and web guide for taking care of Betta fish hatch eggs but do not focus on the fish until stiff, become a paying adult Betta with graceful fins.

After anchovies pressure off, eggs are sprayed onto the nest, see one corner females and flat belly flat, the time that should remove the roof. When the fry hatch, about 3-4 days, you should remove them blank (if you do not want to fry fish prey to empty).

In the first few days, I can only eat fish species of layers identical mao (grass). You should fry as fish swam across. Note to cover the lake, just leave a few small holes for breathing (due to dirt, mosquitoes to lay eggs) it is not good for your fish.

When the fry are a week old, you should feed them atemia (saltwater shrimp larvae). Only after the first few times out, it will show them to swallow food quickly. When the fish were eating, the stomach will get fat and pink, this means your fish are large. At first you should feed them one at a later adds up.

About 2 weeks you should start the piece ties swimming slowly to ventilation and to observe, not began to cover them too fast or too wide. This makes the strong water flow (wind), not good for fish.

When the fish is 4 ~ 5 weeks of age, you can fish out of a lake. A volume of about 4 ~ 5 liters can be as long as 25 Betta, this helps your fish quickly grow.

When the fish is 2.5 ~ 3 months, the males can not live with such a lake many fish as it may affect their tails and fins.

At this point you should prepare the plastic pot to split the flock. You can own separate drum, when the drum is put the jar, they will own rapid development one particular way.

Note: How to differentiate male and female fish to separate the herd:

1. The first sign is the color becomes darker anchovies, or spread to other threatened fish fin.
2. Our anal more tapered in the back and longer than the female's fin.
3. Ventral to and thicker.

Should instead water in jars feed 4 days one time (if possible), or 1 week 1 time, smoke residue in the pot regularly to keep your fish healthy. And your culture containers must be clean in order to maintain the health of fish.

Wish you success!!!


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